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Most people choose Pied Piper Pest Control as their Preferred Bed Bugs Pest Control Malaysia Specialist due to our high Service Excellence and effectiveness. In Malaysia, we have more than 32 Years of Experience in dealing with the infestation of Bed Bugs, as a result we are people's leading choice for eradication.

Why am i infested with Bed Bugs/Fleas and why do i need a professional Pest control Malaysia expert?

They cannot be seen, they cannot be heard, but once you have a rest on your sofa or bedding, you get itchy bites all over your skin. What are they honestly? How can we deal with this type of infestation? But fret not, Pied Piper is well experience in bed bugs elimination.

Bed Bugs love to hide, as a result most people do not know they have a bed bugs infestation before they are bitten! These bloodsucking pests are active only at night and are rarely seen by their victims. Prevention is always the best strategy against bed bugs. Let Pied Piper be your Bed Bug Pest Control Provider. Find out more about Pied Piper

Signs of Bed Bugs/Fleas

itchy bed bugs bite on the back

Itchiness & Rashes

The constant need to scratch on the affected areas due to the itch is also a likely possibility of Bed Bugs infestation

bed bug rashes caused by bed bugs bites on the knee

Bite Marks

Bed Bugs bites are the clearest indication that your house is infested. Usually victims are bitten at night when the host is asleep. Hence if you do wake up to bites on your body, its most likely bed bugs has infested your place.


Flat, reddish brown and oval In shape. Beg bugs are very prominent bugs due to their unique colour and shape. Bed bugs are rarely seen but if observed, these are the characteristic it possesses.Contact us Now if you do really see them!

Water Misting to eliminate your Bed Bugs
Perfectly safe if your household do have kids, babies, or even Pets

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Misting

Pied Piper ULV water misting. Perfectly safe for kids, Children and Pets.
ULV misting is the Safest & most environmentally friendly treatment to counter any fleas or bed bugs problem. The treatment is a water based treatment and does not leave any oily residue around your household. Pied Piper technicians are well-trained to operate the ULV machine to ensure your bed bugs & fleas problem would be eliminated with ONE treatment.

Pest Control Association Malaysia Certified

All our chemicals are water-based chemicals to ensure safety and effectiveness. Standard specifications used for your anti-termite treatment!

Warranty Period

we live by our warranty! 5 YEARS for Slab Injection & 2 YEARS for baiting. If any termite problem is seen, pied piper will come back for FREE!

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Your Customize Treatment

Your home, your customized treatment! we will offer different packages depending on your needs!

FAQ on our Bed bugs Fleas Elimination Treatment

Most frequent questions and answers

Perfectly perfectly safe! do not need to worry as our technicians are well trained to handle all type of situations to ensure your family and household do stay in its highest standard of safety

We do offer an alternative treatment if the 1st time does not solve it, just contact pied piper again and we will send a back up team to handle your problems

Just whatsapp us and we’ll reply you as soon as possible! Do not worry. all our inspecitions are carried out professionally!

At Pied Piper, we understand all Businesses are Different, as a result all our Services and Treatments are Tailored to your individual needs.

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  • 32 Years of Experience in Malaysia does not lie. We are trained in all fields of pest control and will be the right choice for your business

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