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Bed Bugs Removal Malaysia

Removing Bed Bugs effectively!

It seems to be bed bug season again! Pied piper pest control has been receiving numerous bed bugs enquiries. Understand how the treatment works and whether it is effective in eliminating your bed bug problems. Before getting into the type of treatments for bed bugs, identify

How did i get bed bugs in the first place?!

This is the most asked question. how did i get bed bugs in the first place? its a difficult question to answer as there’s so many place for you to get infected with bed bugs. Most commonly, someone can be in contact with bed bugs in the cinema. Cinema theatres are the perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. Humid and dark, do beware while you’re going for movies. subsequently, bed bugs can be transmitted through hotels during holiday.We recently posted a Bed bugs prevention tips which would be a good read before doing any bed bugs removal treatment. 

The Treatment: ULV Misting

water misting from hose

Ultra Volume Misting (ULV) is the most effective treatment towards Bed Bugs elimination and removal. The mist is able to penetrate through the crooks and cranny of the property and eliminate any possible signs of bed bugs and its nestlings. The misting acts as a slow acting solution, allowing the bed bugs to bring the solution back to its nest and eliminate it fully. This treatment does take 3-5 days for its fully effectiveness to be applied.


pied piper liquid termite treatment

We do not recommend any spraying as firstly it will damage your bed and secondly it is not effective in eliminating the nestling. Bed Bug removals for long term solution has to be done on a misting scale. With just spraying, there’s just too many places where the solution would not be in contact with the bed bug.

We do hope this answers your question! Feel free to navigate around Pied Piper website and get more info towards what you’re looking for. Or choose to whatsapp us directly to book your appointment.

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