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Tips to prevent Pests

Tips to prevent Pest problems

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This Blog will answer all your needs and queries on whether or not you should DIY your pest control, how to prevent future infestation and much more!

More than 35 Years Experience in the field of Malaysia's Pest Control.

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The Pied Piper blog, with expert entomologists and over 30 years of experience,, provides you with tips to prevent pests and information about your concerns with Pest Control, such as safety, effectiveness, pest knowledge.

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on termite prevention treatment brought to you by Pied Piper Pest Control Malaysia

Bed bugs bed bugs everywhere! ways to prevent them!

Here are 3 important facts on why you need pest control services for your restaurants and cafes

These most common types of termites in Malaysia! They can be in your garden, they can be in your house! so beware!

With Malaysia being such a pest infested country, here are 3 types of pest u need to beware of!

Simple tips on how you can actually prevent termites from happening in your home! its easy and can be done by everybody!

Termite this and termite that! what is the most common termite in malaysia and how damaging is it to your home?

With so many possible options towards termite elimination, here is why you should choose termite baiting treatment for your home’s termite treatment!

Here are some simple tips provided by pied piper pest control in dealing with cockroach infestation before its too late!

Bed Bugs is one of the most annoying pest to get and here are some useful tips to prevent bed bugs while you’re travelling or just hanging out with some friends

Beware of termites! here are some common active termite areas in your home, which should be constantly checked on!

How do you accurately define a good pest control company? read more to find out here

There are so many brands of termite chemicals out in the market. which one is the most suitable one to be used?

What is the best termite treatment out there? is there even a best termite treatment? 

It rains and rains and rains, so much monsoon pest is entering my home! what can i do to stop and prevent monsoon pests?

To some Bed Bugs seem to be a small problem. To others, its a complete nightmare. Here is why you shouldn’t DIY bed bugs Treatment¬†

For your safety, here’s a big why you shouldn’t spray your termite problems will widely available ‘termiticide Chemicals’.

Is Pest Control safe for babies and infants?

All parents will have the concerns on how safe is pest control on residential houses with babies and infants. should i will solve my pest problems when there is a young child at home? 

How safe is pest control service for my pets? with ticks and fleas infestations, its sometimes inevitable to do pest services for your home.