Best Pest Control Company in Malaysia?

Best Pest Control Company in Malaysia?

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Is there such a thing as the 'best' termite treatment for your home?

In the business of pest control, consumers are constantly looking towards finding a reliable and effective pest control service provider. However what defines a best pest control company? Here are some factors and attributes in which Pied Piper believes to define itself as one of the best pest control companies in Malaysia. 

Punctuality & Reliability

It is important to be punctual. Consumers usually makes Pest control service bookings in advance and expect us to be there on time. Many pest control companies tend to fit their technicians with too many jobs per day that they will not be able to arrive on time. Here at Pied Piper, our Teams and technicians are fitted the ideal amount of jobs per day, hence they will be able to focus fully when servicing your property. For instance, if Pied Piper technician is carrying out a Termite Slab injection Treatment, our team will only be arranged 1 Job per day, hence providing you with the service excellence you deserve. Pied Piper believe in order to be the best pest control company, we have to provide the best service to our customers.

In terms of reliability, we will always try to send the same technical team to service your property. It is most frustrating when a pest control company send different technicians to service your place every single time and asking ‘where is the problem this time?’ we believe that to be the best pest control company in Malaysia, Same technical team will always service your home as they understand your needs the most and the pest situation. 

Chemical usage

Pest control termite baiting system

All chemical used by Pied Piper is approved by the Pest Control Association Malaysia (PCAM). The chemical used for residential are mainly water-based and hence very safe for usage even if there is pets or kids at home. Pied Piper do not conduct itself with using chemicals which are purchased from online stores/ supermarkets as we aims to provide long term solutions to our customers. In order to build and maintain as one of the best pest control company out there, Pied Piper pest control uses High-grade industrial and yet safe insecticides to solve your pest problems. For example, our Bed Bugs Elimination treatment is a water-based misting process, which does not leave any residues or gas fumes, hence being the perfect safe treatment for families. 


Vintage telephones listed on the concrete floor

Yes, communication always plays a big part not only in pest control companies, but every aspect of business. We provide direct customer to technician communication through Whatsapp to ensure consistent and quick response whenever an appointment is due or in progress. All our enquiries is similarly handled through Whatsapp, to provide the convenience to contact us directly. For instance, if you’re interested in contacting us, just click here to whatsapp us as oppose to sending a contact form which is going to take a long time for a reply. No doubt pied piper is working towards being one of the best pest control company in malaysia!  

SO is Pied Piper the Best pest control company in malaysia?

Pied Piper does provide the services and promises in being the best pest control company in Malaysia. It is a friendly competition business in the pest control world and there are no doubt excellent pest control companies out there too. It is really up to the consumers to decide whether we are the best pest control company in Malaysia or provide feedback on how we can become one. 

We do hope this answers your question! Feel free to navigate around Pied Piper website and get more info towards what you’re looking for. Or choose to whatsapp us directly to book your appointment.


Professional Pest Control Adviser. more than 10 Years experience in the pest business.

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With more than 30 Years Experience, Pied Piper is Malaysia’s No.1 choice for pest treatment. Our technicians are professionally trained to handle all type of Pest situations, ranging from Termites, cockroach to Bed bugs and fleas.

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