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Do Not DIY your Bed Bugs Problem

Do Not DIY your Bed Bugs Problem

Its not that easy to DIY your Bed Bugs problem.  Aerosol spray just does not work. You will just be spraying and spraying 3-5 cans of bed bugs spray and it will eventually come back to haunt you.

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Do Not DIY your Bed Bugs Problem, why?

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Bed bugs do not hide in the bed!

The biggest misconception of bed bugs is that it hid in the mattress of your bed. The truth is that its within the crook and cranny of your walls where it nests and infest. Aerosol Bed Bug spray just isn’t strong enough to eliminate their nesting.

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it takes more than ONE treatment to solve it

Sprays you buy from supermarkets and hardware stores will take up to 3-4 Treatments to fully the problem. with Experts like Pied Piper will be able to solve it by one time.  Do Not DIY your Bed Bugs Problem as the hassle is even stronger!

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You will never know how safe DIY Aerosols are. They are not Regulated by the Pest Control Association Malaysia (PCAM) and could have odor, residue or even after effects. All of Pied Piper’s chemical are regulated consistently¬†

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All of Pied Piper's Anti Bed Bugs solutions will come with a warranty period for all our customers to ensure your house is safe from any worries and uncertainties.

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