Do Not DIY your Termite Problems

do not DIY your termite problems

with so many guides on ‘ how to diy your termite problems’ to ‘how to get rid of termites’, one may be tempted to DIY it However here’s to why you SHOULDN’T do a DIY mission.

do not diy my termite PROBLEMS? WHY?


Some may think it does save you money. However readily available chemicals in hardware stores only intensify their activity and eliminate surface termites and not its colonies.

Termite Trails formed during termite infestation on a wooden plank

Do you actually know where the termite is?

Termites live in many Colonies beneath your home. spraying commercially available chemicals would only kill surface termites instantly. However the nesting could actually be at another corner of your home  

happy mum and kids sitting on the floor


You will never know how safe DIY Anti-termite chemicals are. They are not Regulated by the Pest Control Association Malaysia (PCAM) and could have odor, residue or even after effects. All of Pied Piper’s chemical are regulated consistently 

pied piper experties IN TERMITE ELIMINATION

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