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Cockroach Pest Control Treatment


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Cockroach issue occurs usually due to misplacement of food! When you’re snacking on the sofa or on the bed, crumbs tend to fall into the nook and cranny of your furniture and that’s when the cockroach attack. Cockroach issue is far deeper than you think. what you see in your living room is just 1% and most of them are hiding in your drainage and kitchen area. It is important to have consistent cockroach treatment to ensure your house is pest free.
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Most people choose Pied Piper Pest Control as their Preferred Cockroach Control Specialist due to our high Service Excellence and effectiveness . In Malaysia, we have more than 36 Years of Experience in dealing with the infestation of Cockroaches in Bedroom, Kitchens & Businesses, as a result we are people’s leading choice for Cockroach pest control treatment.


The kitchen is a common area of infestation for cockroaches and other general pest as its the area with the most food. Pest are naturally attracted to areas of food regardless how spotless clean your area is. crumbs of food will sure be laying around. Cockroaches will tend to feed on rubbish as well! Hence Pied Piper’s cockroach pest control treatment aims to eliminate their existence.

Cockroach elimination service


Some people may not believe if but the cockroach you see running around your home only attribute to 10% of the overall cockroach infestation in your home! majority of nestlings and eggs are hiding in drainage areas in your toilet and other areas of the house. Our cockroach elimination pest treatment aims to target these point of entry in order to effectively eliminate the pest!

Cockroach elimination service
Cockroach elimination service


Pied Piper pest control Cockroach Residual Spraying treatment is a water-based solution in which effectively eliminate cockroaches which have direct contact with the solution itself, either sprayed or walked on. 
As its a class-4 solution, its pet-friendly and safe for household with kids and infants.

Cockroach elimination service


Pied Piper pest control Cockroach Baiting elimination treatment consist on applying baiting gel in areas which we suspect have high cockroach activity. Cockroach Baiting would Allow cockroaches to carry the Bait back into their nesting, with the hope of fully exterminating their nest and preventing any future internal infestation within your property.

Pied Piper trusted by over 20,000 happy customers since 1985, see what our customers are saying!

Hired Pied Piper for bed bugs in my apartment after identifying several companies on the internet. After speaking to several pest control companies, Pied Piper was the only one that provided me with professional advice and also a warranty period. They are NOT pushy and arrogant like the few of the other pest control companies I had spoken to. Pied Piper had listened to my concerns and addressed them professionally.
Pied Piper is one of the rare pest control companies that had placed emphasis on building relationships with their customers. This is what I call fantastic customer service. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family who needs pest control services
Ms Avelyn

Pied Piper receives an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars ★★★★★. Read all our Reviews on Google or TRUST PILOT.

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Perfectly perfectly safe! do not need to worry as our technicians are well trained to handle all type of situations to ensure your family and household do stay in its highest standard of safety

Just whatsapp us and we’ll reply you as soon as possible! Do not worry. all our inspecitions are carried out professionally!

we admit it is difficult to pin point the issue directly hence pied piper will treat both areas we suspect cockroach infestation and areas which is already infected. Hence every nook and cranny is fully covered.
Usually it does take 2 sessions to fully eliminate any general pest! Pied Piper to recommend a contract term of 6 or 12 times per year to ensure the cockroach issue is solve completely for the long run.

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Where do cockroaches usually hide in my home?

Before hiring our cockroach elimination pest service, check where cockroaches usually hide in your home! Pied Piper offers a basic glimpse into these common areas

Do not DIY your Bed Bugs problem in your property!

Big no no to DIY-ing your bed bugs problem. Have a good read before deciding to do anything rashless!