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How to deal with Monsoon Pests Problems

My gosh! It's the monsoon season and my monsoon pests problem is getting bigger.

It’s the time of the Monsoon season and we may rejoice for the cooling weather, however monsoon is also a dreaded season as health hazards from Monsoon Pest seems increase dramatically for the next few months. I’m pretty sure you’ve been experiencing more cockroach infestation in the kitchen and drainage area, mosquito swarming around your home right after a slight or heavy rain. Isn’t that just so annoying? Let explain to you the types of monsoon pest and the danger of them.

The most common society is educated on would be DENGUE. It doesn’t need much explanation here, it basically causes high fever, rashes, headache and joint pains which is not to be taken lightly please! SEEK doctor help immediately. Read up on Malaysia Emergency Contact lines for more info on getting the quickest help in Malaysia.

Bed Bugs infestation would increase dramatically due to the high humidity as it forms the perfect breeding ground for them. Many would assume that Bed Bugs hide in the mattresses of your home as the word ‘bed’ is inside its name. However bed bugs actually do hide in the walls and curtains of your property, which does sound unhygienic and filthy.  Bed Bugs are external pest and is usually brought back from public areas such as cinemas and Hotels.

Pied piper does provide a ULV misting treatment which is perfectly safe for children and pets (2 hours after treatment is completed as it does not have any residue). Read more on how you can accurately identify bed bugs and the available treatment options Pied Piper provides

For those with landed properties, some of you might be facing with rodents problem right now for sure. Rats will be up your water pipe, into your roofing area and you’ll be hearing tiny tiny footsteps roaming around the ceiling. At first, you wouldn’t suspect a thing, could just be a water pipe issue. However after a few days it’s as clear as crystal, rodents are in your roof.  You must be wondering how can you solve this rodent problem? You most likely can’t as rodents are very intelligent creatures, hard to catch, nimble and agile.  Pied Piper will always recommend a on-call consultation to understand further the situation before providing any feedbacks.

The nation pest association
states all the diseases and viruses rodents carry and it’s indeed very dangerous.
They spread more than 35 types of diseases and can spread to humans directly
without us knowing. 

What precautions would Pied Piper recommend to counter Monsoon Pest?

Firstly, KEEP YOUR PLACE CLEAN. Check for stagnant water in
your home. Similarly, overturn all buckets or flower pots which are not in used
as it’s the perfect breeding ground for mosquito.

However if you do already have existing mosquito problems, Pied Piper would be your preferred choice to solve them as we will conduct various treatment to ensure mosquito nesting and breeding areas is fully eliminated.  

Secondly, DO NOT LEAVE FOOD LYING AROUND THE HOUSE.  Having food around the house is just like an open buffet for monsoon pest. It’s cold outside and warm in your house. Moreover there’s just food all around the place. For sure they will infest your place! In some situations, if nesting has already been formed, Pied Piper recommends a general pest contract term which would eliminate the nest and provide a long term solution to your pest problem.

Pied Piper offers a baiting elimination treatment for all cockroaches problems.

Lastly, if all precaution does not reduce the pest problem, it most likely meant that the nest has already been form! You need a professional pest control company to solve the problem. No doubt Pied Piper pest control is here for you.  If you do have any questions, feel free to just directly contact us.

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