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Mosquito Fogging & Elimination Control


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Mosquito fogging service


Quick Fact about our Weather & Humidity​Humidity & Temperature in Malaysia is Ideal for the spread and growth of Mosquito borne diseases. With an average temperature of 32 Celsius, it is the perfect condition for dengue and other type of mosquito related viruses to thrive! With potential issues such as malaria, yellow fever, Health organisations have listed mosquitos as one of the most dangerous pest out there.
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Most people choose Pied Piper Pest Control as their Preferred Mosquito Control Specialist due to our high Service Excellence and effectiveness. In Malaysia, we have more than 36 Years of Experience in dealing with the infestation of mosquito and as a result we are people’s leading choice for eradication. 
Furthermore, Pied Piper is also contracted as the ideal mosquito control organisation for pest issues in condominiums, construction site 


Mosquito loves to hide in wet and humid environment, and that’s where your garden comes into play. Without consistent pest management in your garden area, your backyard would essentially turn into the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos.
Mosquito fogging service


The drainage is not the first place someone will think of when talking about mosquito infestation. Drainage areas are where mosquito larvae and nestling hatch and lay their eggs. Pied Piper pest control offers services to eliminate mosquito larvae as well!
Mosquito fogging service
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Pied Piper Pest Control offers both Oil based and water based mosquito fogging services for your home. On most cases, mosquito fogging is done with water based for non-detached house units which oil based fogging is preferred for detached units or condominiums. Both are effective in their own properties as pied piper aims to effectively provide its mosquito control treatment.
Cockroach elimination service


Larvaciding can also be conducted as to eliminate mosquito larvae and eggs effectively. Larvaciding works effectively together with mosquito fogging as the ideal pest control treatment. Hence pied piper recommends both session to be condcuted together.

Pied Piper trusted by over 20,000 happy customers since 1985, see what our customers are saying!

Hired Pied Piper for bed bugs in my apartment after identifying several companies on the internet. After speaking to several pest control companies, Pied Piper was the only one that provided me with professional advice and also a warranty period. They are NOT pushy and arrogant like the few of the other pest control companies I had spoken to. Pied Piper had listened to my concerns and addressed them professionally.
Pied Piper is one of the rare pest control companies that had placed emphasis on building relationships with their customers. This is what I call fantastic customer service. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family who needs pest control services
Ms Avelyn

Pied Piper receives an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars ★★★★★. Read all our Reviews on Google or TRUST PILOT.

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Perfectly perfectly safe! do not need to worry as our technicians are well trained to handle all type of situations to ensure your family and household do stay in its highest standard of safety

Just whatsapp us and we’ll reply you as soon as possible! Do not worry. all our inspecitions are carried out professionally!

we do not fog in the indoors of your house even though you may comment that your indoor plants are having mosquito issues. Majority of mosquito nestings are outdoor and with our effective pest control service done effectively outdoor, indoors is perfectly safe
Yes you are correct! pied piper recommends a monthly treatment to ensure your mosquito issue is well controlled. The reason is because mosquito has a reproductive rate of 14days. and within the net 14 days, mosquito issue might re ocur again

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