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Keep Malaysia Mosquito-Free with our Fogging Services. We have been providing Mosquito Extermination Services for majority of Malaysia's Residential & Commercial Clients since 1985. Pied Piper ensures that all Malaysians will have a Dengue & Zika-Free environment.

Quick Fact about our Weather & Humidity

Humidity & Temperature in Malaysia is Ideal for the spread and growth of Mosquito borne diseases. With an average temperature of 32 celcius, it is the perfect condition for dengue & zika viruses to thrive

How does Pied Piper Treat Mosquito Problems?

Worker fogging residential area with insecticides to kill aedes

Mosquito Fogging

Mosquito Fogging Process in which Pied Piper Eradicates swarming waves of mosquito within the premise of infestation. Effectiveness is observed immediately after treatment is done.

mosquito larvae forming in the water

Mosquito Lavaciding

Lavaciding is the process of elimination Mosquito Larvae in areas such as Sewage, Stagnant Water, Drains & Piping. This Significantly Reduces

What are the Risk of Living in a Mosquito Infested Environment?

Risk of Mosquito bites are extremely high especially for Young Children. Mosquito can transmit diseases from one human or animal to another, which could lead to High Fever and even Death.

Dengue Infection in Malaysia & its Symptoms

Dengue Fever is the Most prevalent Infectious Disease in Malaysia and is still highly dangerous. Our fight with Dengue is not over as the Rate of Dengue Fever is still very high (3%).
  • Muscle, Joint Pain
  • Headache & Fever
  • Vomitting
  • Pain behind our Eyes

ZIKA Infection in Malaysia & its Symptoms

There are still rural areas in Malaysia with high Zika infection Rate. Zika brings a deadly consequence to pregnant women as infection would cause Birth Defects
  • Skin Rashes & Vomitting
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fever & Chills
  • Pain behind the eyes

At Pied Piper, we understand all Businesses are Different, as a result all our Services and Treatments are Tailored to your individual needs.

  • 24Hr Response Rate for all Pest Enquiries. If there is any call back, we will make sure our technicians will be on the scene within 24hours
  • Our Pest Technicians are Constantly updated with the latest pest knowledge and skills in dealing with your customized pest treatment
  • 32 Years of Experience in Malaysia does not lie. We are trained in all fields of pest control and will be the right choice for your business

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