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Pied Piper Pest Control FAQ

Pied Piper Pest Control

FAQ Section

More than 35 Years Experience in the field of Malaysia's Pest Control.

Professionally Trained Technicians and office staff to handle all your inquiries, questions & requests

24/7 Response Rate on our Facebook Page! Feel free to contact us if you require an urgent response

Welcome to the Pied Piper Pest control FAQ Section page. Here you can get Answers regarding the most commonly asked questions regarding pest control in general or administrative questions. We do hope we are able to answer all your Queries. if not, feel free to Contact Pied Piper here

How can you ensure my Warranty will still be valid?

Our Company has been in Service in Malaysia for more than 35 Years, hence you need not worry we’ll be gone! Furthermore, Warranty certificates will be provided for all termite treatments!

What are the Payment Options available for us?

You can either opt for the Online Bank in Option or Pay Cash to us directly. Card Installment payment is on the way!

Is the Chemical Harmful to us, especially children and pets?

All Chemicals & Solution we used are monitored and approved by the Pest Control Association Board Malaysia.

The reason sometimes it stings the eyes is because its one of the safety features to remind ourselves if there could be a leakage or some sort of contaminant within our warehouse.

How long does it take for me to book an appointment?

On average, it takes 24-48 Hours for our system to confirm an appointment and there you go! you’re on your way to a Pest Free Environment!

Is a pest control on-site inspection free?

Unfortunately its No Longer Free. There is a inspection fee of 100RM which will be waived if you do choose to accept our quotation. However all our Quotation is still free though!

Are your technicians professionally Trained in the field of pest control?

For sure they are! Each individual Technicians are consistently updated with the latest skill in the field of Pest Control. Regardless if its Fumigation or Termite Extermination, you can trust us that we will be sending quality excellence to your doorstep.

How long has Pied Piper being doing Pest Control?

We have been in Business since 1985, that’s 33 years! And we’ll Continue to be here for a long long long time. Pied Piper started from all the way here.