TiO2 Titanium Dioxide Coating for Self-Sanitisation

Electrostatic sprayer for disinfection

Protech Electrostatic Sprayer Coating Disinfection

When sprayed, our TiO2 coating particles are negatively charged and is attracted to any surface, forming a uniform coating along the whole surface, protecting and providing self-cleaning functions to protect your business and work place

Normal / Cold ULV Fogger Disinfection Treatment

Normal cold fogging disinfection will not provide any coating properties as once evaporated, the surface is vulnerable to pathogen build up when not cleaned. This is the main difference in terms of effectiveness. For high contact areas, cold fogging disinfection is not effective. 

What is TiO2? How does it work?

TiO2 coatings (when done correctly with an eletrostatic gun) have the ability of self-cleaning properties: When exposed to sunlight, TiO2 reacts with water to generate hydroxyl radicals, which break down organic molecules and microbes adsorbed on the surface.

TiO2 coating is perfect during pandemic situation where it is important high contact areas such as door handles must be consistently be clean. 

How does it self-clean and protect your workplace??

Coated areas seen a 56% reduction of dust deposition rate over the coated surfaces compared with bare surfaces after 7 days of soiling and contact. 

Place of Usage for Tio2 coating



Gym is a high contact area. people are sharing gym equipment daily. It is important to coat all your dumbbell, machinery to ensure the safety of your gym members during usage period

Public transport area

Public transport such as the subway and buses are used by thousands of people every minutes, and there is no time to disinfectant the areas daily. hence the usage of TiO2 coating is very beneficial. 


Hotel and resorts will soon be in operation and it is their responsibility to ensure their businesses is protected before allowing customers to return. Contact us Now if you’re interested in purchase

Unique Properties of TiO2 Titanium Dioxide coating

  • Non-Toxicity
  • self-cleaning hydrophilic Surfaces
  • self-cleaning hydrophobic surfaces
  • High Photocatalytic activity

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