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Termite Bait Elimination Treatment for Residential Houses & Corporate offices. Treatment is ideal for environment with children and kids as there is not wet residue during termite colony elimination process.

What is Termite Bait Elimination?

Termite Bait is specifically designed to fully eliminate Termite Colonies without the extensive use of Termite Insecticide. It is designed as a low impact approach to subterranean termite control, which does not require heavy Machinery application or the insecticide nor does it require drilling into floors or foundations. Knowledge about other type of treatment such a slab injection can be found here.


Meant for Under-soil Termite elimination treatment. Multiple openings for termite to consume the bait


Full Elimination of Termites via the Termite bait treatment within 1-2 Months

termite Baiting station for ground unit


Termite Bait is recommend only for termite problems where active termites can be seen on the surface


The Termite Bait is Bio-degradable and does not create any oily-residues, hence perfectly safe for pets and children.

How does Termite Bait Elimination Works?

Bait consumed by termite workers is carried to the colony and fed to other individuals. As termites develop, more and more members of the colony die, the colony cannot sustain itself and it is eventually eliminated. Termite Bait will be applied on Active Termite Areas, in which total colony elimination will be higher.

Pest Control Association Malaysia Certified

All our chemicals are water-based chemicals to ensure safety and effectiveness. Standard specifications used for your anti-termite treatment!

Contract Period

Termite Bait contract consist of 4 Services per year.

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Termite Problems Eliminated within the 1st service. Followed up services was by the same Technical team which understood my problems from the start! Highly recommended!
Pete. ST
Ceo & Founde
it may look simple but pied pipe technicians were well trained to accurately project termites point of entry and strategically place the baits correctly. Very impressed!
Matt Ong
Head Of Sales ,

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