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Termites are silent destroyers. they can damage your furniture and house structure without you knowing. Termite damage usually comes internally and could cause potential Hazards

How Deadly are Termite Infestations?

Signs of Termites

Termite Trails

Termite Trails

Trailing along the walls of your home, termites travel up & down from their nesting and into your homes

Termite damage

Termite Damage

No doubt you're having termite infestation. Get your Termite Control Malaysia Specialist as soon as possible.Contact us Now

Termite dust `

Termite Dust

Small pods of Sand-like dusting around corners of your home. shaped like a cone sometimes, its a good indication that there's termite infestaiton

Pied Piper has been providing termite control services to various residential clients & major property developer in Malaysia since 1985.

Corrective Soil Treatment (Slab Injection)

Corrective Soil Treatment is one of the most preferred type of Termite Control Treatment in Malaysia. it consist of injecting termite extermination solution directly into the termite nest, as a result eradicating any signs of termites within the nest few days.
termite soil treatment control malaysia
Our Termite control technician will be required to drill into the Tiles or Flooring of your home as shown. A high pressurized solution will then inject into the flooring.
This may leave a few small holes at your flooring or tiles ( which will be covered up by our technicians ). However our Technicians will specifically propose slab injection at areas where the drilling can be hidden out of plain sight (eg. behind sofas, bed, furniture).

Benefits of Pied Piper Termite Control Slab Injection

  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • Malaysia Pest Control Association Certified Chemicals
  • Professionally Trained Technician to handle all Slab Injection

Termite Dusting Treatment

Termite Dusting Treatment is generally used for High Rise Apartments and Minor Termite Infestation. It Consist of Dusting Termite Control Solution towards the infested areas, eradicating any signs of termites within the premise of your Property. Termite dusting is a termite control treatment suitable for furniture, built-in cabinets and majority of Material, hence our customers need not worry about spoiling their Furniture during treatment phase.
termite control malaysia
Our Termite control Technicians will be required to analyse the Pest Situation
we will treat the infected area with our Termite Solution to ensure the specific termite affected area is clear from any form of infestation

Benefits of Pied Piper Termite Dusting

  • 1 Month Warranty
  • Malaysia Pest Control Association Certified Chemicals
  • Highly Suitable for High Rise & Minor Termite Infestation

Termite Baiting System

Termite Baiting system is a Termite Colony Elimination System in which is offered as an alternative to Liquid Termite Insecticide. It takes advantage of termite’s biological behaviour in which worker termites would search for food and stumbles upon the Termite Baits. Worker Termites will then bring the baits back into their nesting as food source, as a result eliminating the whole nest when consumed.
Pest control termite baiting system
As they get eliminated, their termite nesting will be less self-sufficient and over a period of 3 months, the nesting will be eliminated
Baiting system is a slow & and progressive treatment and hence customers have to understand its full effectiveness can only be seen in a few months time.
Our professional Technicians would be required to make frequent visits to analyse, report & evaluate on the situation and whether the Baits are effectively eliminating the Termite Infestation

Benefits of Pied Piper Termite Baiting System

  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Malaysia Pest Control Association Certified Products
  • Highly Suitable for customers who do not want slab injection due to drilling

At Pied Piper, we understand all Businesses are Different, as a result all our Services and Treatments are Tailored to your individual needs.

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  • Our Pest Technicians are Constantly updated with the latest pest knowledge and skills in dealing with your customized pest treatment
  • 32 Years of Experience in Malaysia does not lie. We are trained in all fields of pest control and will be the right choice for your business

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