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How Deadly are Termite Infestations?

Termites are silent destroyers, which can damage your furniture and house structure without you knowing. Termite damage usually comes internally and could cause potential Hazards. Therefore without solving the problem quickly, the Long term damage to customer’s property will be too severe to even salvage. Without professional termite control treatments, subterranean termites will always emerge from your property. Common active termite areas are as shown.

Pied Piper Pest Control Offers effective Termite Control Treatments, with the availability of various options. Efficiency & Excellence for all our customers. we are Malaysia’s Leading Termite Control Service to eliminate Subterranean Termites.​

Signs of Termites Infestations

Termite Trails formed during termite infestation on a wooden plank

termite trails

Small pods of Sand-like dusting around corners of homes. Shaped like a cone sometimes, its a good indication that there’s termite infestation and Termite control is required
Termite dust when termites consume on wooden planks

termite dust

Trailing along the walls of customer infested homes, as a result termites travel up & down from their nesting and into your homes. It may seem like a small issue but do not DIY your termite problems.
Termite damage on door frame

termite damage

No doubt you’re having termite infestation. But it’s not too late! Hence get Pied Piper Termite Control Malaysia Specialist as soon as possible.Contact us Now

termite slab injection drilling beside the pillar of the house

Termite Injection Drilling


Injecting Anti termiticide into the slab of your home, setting up a protection barrier which eliminates and Prevent termites at the same time. One of the most effective termite control treatment in the market.

What about my tiles?

Pied Piper has developed a new technique called coil drilling which does not directly break your tiles, instead, we are able to preserve the tiles.

Compared to baiting system?

Injection drilling is a termite control method which can PREVENT & ELIMINATE all termites as a prevention barrier is set along the perimeter of your home, whereas Baiting is a sole elimination treatment.

Pest control termite baiting system

Termite Control Baiting System


takes advantage of termite's biological behaviour in which worker termites would search for food and stumbles upon the Termite Baits. Likewise, Worker Termites will then bring the baits back into their nesting as food source, as a result eliminating the whole nest when consumed.

How fast for total elimination?

Pied Piper guarantees a total elimination of your termite colony within the 1st month. No doubt the baiting system is an effective termite control measure.

Compared to Drilling?

Termite Baiting system is a Termite Colony Elimination System in which is offered as an alternative to consumers who does not want any drilling.

pied piper pest control technician conducting residual ant spraying

Termite Residual Spraying


Instant elimination of termites. More commonly used for outdoor termite infestation/ minor infestation.

When to use this as termite control measure?

After analysing and inspecting the place, if the termite problem is just an surface problem, a residual spraying would be a viable termite control treatment for your property.

Compared to other 2 termite control methods?

Not as effective as slab injection drilling or Termite baiting elimination as this is only recommend for minor surface infestation.

Pied Piper trusted by over 20,000 happy customers since 1985, see what our customers are saying!

What people say?

Our family has been using pied piper pest control for the past 15 years. we never needed to worry about our warranty period as their reputation is as good as they say. Highly recommended to anybody who wants to try out their packages
Pete. T
Signed a termite baiting contract with pied piper recently. They are the only company which offers a warranty for baiting treatment. Will continue to use them for other pest problems.
Stanley. L

Pied Piper receives an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars ★★★★★. Read all our Reviews on Google or TRUST PILOT.

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Most frequent questions and answers

All Anti-Termite Solution used by Pied Piper is safe for residential usages as its a water-based compound as opposed to oil-based. Hence it does not leave any Residue after treatment is done

As long as your warranty period is still intact, we will come back FREE OF CHARGE to solve all the problems regarding to termite infestations. Do not worry!

Of course! the period depends on the type of treatment you carry out. For all Slab Injection Treatment, warranty period is at 5 Years while for Termite Liquid Baiting Spray, its at 1 Year warranty respectively

Just whatsapp us and we’ll reply you as soon as possible! Do not worry. all our inspecitions are carried out professionally!

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