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Why You Should Choose Termite Baiting

With so many types of termite treatment, we're here to tell you why you should choose termite baiting

One of the longest and preferred termite elimination treatment has been the termite baiting system. But what exactly is it and how does it actually work? Of course there are other termite treatment equally effective in the market, but today we’ll be discussing about why you should choose termite baiting system.

How does Termite Baiting Works?

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In layman terms, termites would carry the ‘bait’ back into its nest and along the travel passage, and slowly eliminating the colony as a whole. The Toxic bait is then share with other termites within the colony and hence eliminating the termite problem once and for all. As opposed to other types of treatments such as Slab Injection Drilling, Termite baiting is a total dry treatment as has been proven a safe and effective termite elimination process.

How safe is it?

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Firstly, termite baiting is a dry process which does not leave any residual or require any residual spraying. This would bring a peace of mind for homes and families whom kids and toddlers are constantly crawling around their home. Secondly, while the baits are effective in eliminating termites, they do not pose any serious harmfulness to humans, pets or plants. The baiting stations are fully sealed against the wall which does not create any possible interaction with the bait. why you should choose termite baiting should be an obvious option when you have toddlers or pets at home. This would work especially well for terrace houses and condominium.

So why should you use a termite baiting system?

As compared to its traditional sister treatment, there is no drilling required for a termite baiting treatment. Say no to any damages on your tiles as we’ll be able to solve your termite problem by using this method. That said, it is important to note that a termite baiting treatment is solely an elimination treatment and not a prevention treatment.

Termite baiting can be used in situations in which liquid residual spraying is prohibited, such as food related areas, clean water source, or garden friendly conditions. The termite is eliminated due to their natural actions of bringing food back to its nest. Hence there is limited disruption to any outside activities along the termite active area.

Termite baiting treatment is guaranteed to solve your termite problems within the first 2 months and provide a long term solution to your termite problems. It does not disrupt your daily activity nor create a big mess during treatment procedure. Hence during a termite baiting treatment, you can still continue your daily activities.

Only after an inspection by a termite specialist, we’ll only then suggest the type of treatment you should use, regardless if its a baiting treatment, slab injection or residual spraying. 

If it’s a high-rise or terrace house, go for any of the baiting treatment. Simple and cost-effective, it will guarantee to solve your pest problem. There is no best termite treatment, but there’s the preferred treatment.

We do hope this answers your question! Feel free to navigate around Pied Piper website and get more info towards what you’re looking for. Or choose to whatsapp us directly to book your appointment.

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